• Pear

    Strong and semi-vertical growing. Dense branches and has thorns.

  • Almond

    Large, gorgeous. Zero chance of twin fruit. Internal yield is minimum 40%. Not a commercial type when it is green almond. Shell is easy-to-break.

  • Apple

    Rind surface color is 80-90% red.

  • Plum


    Average sized, round and sliglty smoky. Skin color is dark red on the yellow ground.

  • Apricot


    Broad and very rapid growing. Sparse branches, very large leaves and strong.

  • Cherry

    Very large (10-11gr) Outer skin is shiny dark red and resistant crushing. Short pedicle.

  • Cherry

    Very large, dark shiny red. Very good for transport and high quality. Long pedicle.

  • Asian Pear

    Average strong, semi-vertical growing. As it is a spur specie, good for dense planting. Resistant to erwinia (fire blight) disease. Should be thinned because it is very yielding.

  • Nectarine


    Low acid, high rate of sugar, highly sweet and aromatic. Crispy and juicy.

  • Peach


    Average strong and semi-vertical growing. Production budding is randomly applied to branches in certain diameter. Average budding is recommended.

  • Grape


    Region: Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, Central Anatolia

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