İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu attended the modern fruit growing seminar organized by İzmit Chamber of Agriculture. In his speech Karaosmanoğlu stated that "we produce everything thanks to agriculture. If you care soil, it doesn't allow you to be hungry".

'Modern Fruit Growing Panel' organized collaboratively by İzmit Chamber of Agriculture and İrgeler Nursery was held in İzmit Public Training Center. The seminar was attended by Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Chairman of Kocaeli Branch of Turkish Muhtar's Association, muhtars Aşır Akbaba, Mehmet Çetin and many guests. Following the stand in silence and national anthem, opening speech was addressed by Şinasi Turoğlu the Chairman of İzmit Chamber of Commerce.

In his speech "Our province and country are suitable for growing many fruits except for some tropical fruits thanks to its ecological and geographical features. About 52 thousands fruits are grown in around 12 thousand hectares area in our province. Thousands of farmers make their lives on this. Additionally, personal fruit growing for the families' needs is also conducted.


He continued that "Our province is one of the smallest provinces in the country with regards to area. The most productive agricultural farms have been allocated to settlement and industry for many years and forest areas are now being tried to be converted into farms with a big cost. In this period including the negotiations with EU, one of the most important issues is the agriculture. As accepted by the society, agriculture is the most problematic one. As İzmit Chamber of Agriculture, we organize the panel called modern fruit growing to discuss the changing and developing application in the world, methods of establishing gardens, plant protection issues, fight against fruit diseases and pests in the sector. In this context, I would like to thank to İrgeler Nursery company, Agricultural Engineer Dr. Yaşar Erbil and Agricultural Engineer Fevziye Kayalı".


Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu stated in the speech that "I would like to thank to İzmit Chamber of Agriculture for organizing such a memorable seminar. I wish it brings luck to our farmers. Agriculture is very crucial for life, we produce everything thanks to agriculture. I love farming and livestock growing. I also grew up in a village. We have assigned new agricultural engineers and veterinaries and they will work directly on site not in the buildings. This is a work of love. Soil don't let you go hungry. But we have to love it. We have to promote organic products in the world. We are ready to prepare the infrastructure in this regard. Our growers will also grow in the farms. We are ready to give any support. Then, Agricultural Engineer Dr. Yaşar Erbil and Agricultural Engineer Fevziye Kayalı provided some information about modern fruit growing.

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