Pear and Quince Clone Rootstocks

  • It was evolved by crossbreeding the Old Home X Farmigdale pear species in Oregon State of USA.
  • It is a semi-dwarf rootstock and form a tree crown at 55-60% of the generative pear rootstock.
  • It is resistant to fire blight bacterial disease but sensitive to pear decline and pear woolly aphid.
  • It is partly resistant to heavy textured soils and this rootstock shouldn't be preferred in soils with a high rate of lime.
  • It positively affects the crop of the specie on it.
  • It isn't as effective as the quince origin rootstocks in early yielding.
  • Semi-dwarf rootstocks OH F 40, OH F- 87 and OH F- 97 are available.
  • In gardens to be established by the stocks grafted onto this rootstock, gaps on the line can be 3-3.5m and gaps between lines can be 5m.
  • If funicle cultivation system will be applied, plant spacing on the line should be reduced to 1.2m, 1.5m.

  • It is a quince origin rootstock regenerated in France and doesn't have an incompatibility with pear specie.
  • Densely planted gardens can be established on these rootstocks.
  • 4x1.2m or 4x1,5m gaps and spaces can be applied.
  • It is partly sensitive to fire blight.
  • I can be reproduced with Stool Bed (ditch dipping) and cutting.
  • It can also be used for quinces.

  • They are quince origin rootstocks and the most common one is Quince A clone.
  • In addition, Quince B and C rootstocks are available. The most dwarf one is the Quince C.
  • Quince rootstocks don't fertilize some pear species.
  • Beurre Hardy or Old Home pear species should be intergrafted for the species having a grafting inconformity with Quince A rootstock.
  • The species compatible with Quince A rootstock are Bartlet (Williams), Beurre Bosc, Conference, Coscia, Farmingdale, Dr. Jule Guyot, Deveci ve Asya pears.
  • Species ompatible with the Quince A specie are Beurre Hardy, Old Home, Abete Fetel, Santa Maria, Conference, Passe Crasssane, Akça pears.
  • Quince origin MC, Sydo etc. have been tried in western countries and these rootstocks suitable for dense planting started to be used.
  • MC is a rootstock moderately growing and has a shallow root system and yielding early.
  • Fruit is collected in 2nd year following the planting and crop is very productive.

Characteristics of Some Pear and Quince Clone Rootstocks

OHF  333

3,5 m x 2,0 m Spur Species

3,8 m x 3,0 m Standard Species

Pyrus Dwarf

3,3 m x 1,6 m Spur Species

3,5 m x 2,5 m Standard Species

Fox 11

3,5 m x 2,2 m Spur Species

3,8 m x 3,2 m Standard Species

BA 29

3,5 m x 2,0 m Spur Species

3,8 m x 3,0 m Standard Species


3,5 m x 1,0 m Spur Species
4,0 m x 1,5 m Standard Species

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