Peach, Nectarine and Almond Clone Rootstocks
GF 677 (Peache Amnedier) ROOTSTOCK

  • A hybrid of peach and almond, this rootstock was developed in INRA Research Institute in France.
  • It is commonly used in countries particularly have a coast at Mediterranean.
  • It is a strongly growing rootstock, 5x4m or 5x3 m plant spacing can be applied as well as the 5x2m spacing in V or Y cultivation systems.
  • It is an ideal rootstock for peach and almonds i limy soils with limited irrigation abilities
  • While peach stock can't be planted on the newly removed peach tree, peach stock on GF 677 rootstock can be planted.
  • All peach, nectarine and almond species have good compatibility and positively affect the specie on them.
  • Reproduction by wood and cutting shoots, but reproduction method is tissue culture.
  • They don't enjoy the heavy, airless soils with high levels of underground water.

  • It is the natural hybrid of P. Persica x P.davidiana species found in Hungary and was developed in INRA Research Institute in France.
  • Compared to the GF 677 and Barrier-1 rootstocks, it is a weakly developing rootstock.
  • They can be planted in organic material-poor, poor textured, limy and high PH soils.
  • It is resistant to root tumor nematode.
  • It isn't recommended for heavy soils with high level of underground water, however it is more resistant to underground water then GF 677.
  • The area removed from peaches can be re-planted by peaches by using this rootstock.
  • It allows the specie on it to yield early and positively affect the fruit size and color.
  • It is recently preferred in countries with a coast to Mediterranean, particularly Spain.

  • It is a rootstock developed in Venice Italy.
  • It is a hybrid of Peach x wild Chinese peach It grows same as GF 677.
  • This rootstock allows re-planting peaches in place of the removed peaches.
  • Retaining to the soil is strong.
  • It positively affects thee coloring of the fruits of the specie on it.
  • It is resistant to root tumor nematode.
  • Resistance to heavy textured soils is better than GF 677 but not as tolerant as GN rootstocks.

  • It is a hybrid of P. Persica x P. Persica x P. Dulce species and 3 important GN rootstocks are commercially produced.
  • The most important GN rootstocks are GN 15 (Garnem); GN 22 (Felinem) and GN 9 rootstocks.
  • Garnem rootstock in the most common GN rootstock.
  • It is resistant to root tumor nematode.
  • It is a rootstock growing strong and retaining well onto the soil.
  • It is used as a rootstock for peach, nectarine, plum and almond species.

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