Grape Rootstocks

110 R (rupestris x berlandieri)

  • A very strong rootstock.
  • Since it is a strong rootstock, it delays the ripening of the specie grafted onto it.
  • Therefore early species should not be grafted .
  • It can resist to active lime up to 17%.
  • Suitable for deep profile non-heavy textured soils.
  • Although general features are similar with 99R, it resist to aridity better than 99R.
  • Growing is strong, it feeds well the specie grafted on it and therefore cultivational applications shouldn't be avoided.

1103 Paulsen (rupestris x berlandieri)

  • Has a deep root structure.
  • It has a good affinity with grape species.
  • It resists to 17% active lime.
  • Although it is more suitable for non-heavy textured deep soils, it is suitable for different soil types.
  • It is well resistant to saltiness and aridity.

5 BB (riparia x berlandieri)

  • Since it has a short vegetation period, it is suitable for Northern regions.
  • It is resistant to root tumor nematode.
  • Roots are shallow and grow laterally, it isn't good for hot regions.
  • It can resist to active lime up to 20%
  • It is suitable for heavy textured soils with high water retaining capacities. It should be irrigated for a good growing.
  • It delays ripening of the specie grafted on it.

41 B (vinifera x berlandieri)

  • Roots grow laterally.
  • They enjoy heavy textured soils.
  • Resistant to 40% active lime and recommended for extremely limy soils.
  • Vegetative period is short.
  • Resistant to phylloxera.
  • Low resistance to saltiness.

Provides early yielding for the specie on it.

Rupestris Du Lot (vitis rupestris)

  • They aren't so selective for soil types.
  • They very enjoy the arid, deep, sandy and low humidity soils and resist to aridity moderately.
  • Has a good resistance to phylloxera.
  • It resists to 15% active lime.
  • Has a good rooting.
  • Grafting success and affinity is good with domestic grape species.
  • A strong rootstock.
  • Vegetation period is long.
  • Sensitive to leaf phylloxera.

99R: (Rupestris x Berlandieri)

  • A strong rootstock.
  • Roots are resistant to phylloxera but sensitive to leaf phylloxera.
  • Although it resists up to 17% active lime but don't resist to salt.
  • Well resistant to nematodes.
  • It forms canes well lignifying and rooting.
  • Since it vertically grows and roots go deeper, this rootstock is suitable for inclined and arid areas.
  • Since it delays ripening of the specie on it, it isn't recommended for northern sides.

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