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Thanks to the different ecological features and soil types, our country is very suitable for fruit nursery and therefore it takes the lead in the world with regards to amount of production and areas of production for many fruit types. With this awareness and years of experience and knowledge, "İRGELER NURSERY" grows standard and certificated nursery stocks of Peach , Nectarine , Apple , Cherry , Plum , Pear , Asian Pear , Apricot , Grape , Date , Quince , Kiwi , Sour Cherry , Almond ,Medlar and  Walnut grafted to the rootstocks suitable for our region.

Continuing its activities successfully since 1940 'İRGELER NURSERY' is a leader and innovative company in growing of particularly grafted fruit stocks and ungrafted seed rootstocks, clone rootstock and also fruit production. Our company serves our farmers with the new fruit stock types grafted on to the dwarf, semi-dwarf and seed rootstocks as well as the contribution of our expert personnel employed.

As "İRGELER NURSERY", we are making efforts with our technical personnel for supporting the growers and solving their problems. While different and suitable rootstocks are recommended for the growers, relevant observations and inspections are made on the farm to be assigned and ecological and soil data of the region are assessed... Any fault in assigning the farm for fruit growing may result in big profit and time loss in the future. "İRGELER NURSERY" is aware of this condition and so guides our growers by means of making scientific assessments in the farm.

'Our objective is to see the satisfaction of our customers as an accomplishment and take it a step further'

Tomorrows with abundant crops...

To increase the transformation process of our country which is foreseen to be the fruit source of Europe in the next 10 years, we as İRGELER NURSERY make any and all efforts.

We wish you many abundant and profitable seasons.

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